Stars That Have Used Online Dating Sites!


It’s hard to imagine any of these attractive celebrities feeling the need to resort to online dating. But everyone needs love!

Here’s a list of Hollywood stars that tried to find a love connection on the Internet!


Chace Crawford

1x1.trans Stars That Have Used Online Dating Sites!

We find it hard to imagine that this tall drink of water would need to seek love online. Chace Crawford, who is known for his role as Nate Archibald on “Gossip Girl”.

Halle Berry

1x1.trans Stars That Have Used Online Dating Sites!

Halle Berry, who is actually pregnant and engaged to Olivier Martinez, certainly isn’t on the prowl any longer. But the beautiful actress actually used online dating sites in the past.

Jennifer Aniston

1x1.trans Stars That Have Used Online Dating Sites!

Jennifer Aniston has found love with actor Justin Theroux and is engaged. But the actress got a little lonely following her divorce to Brad Pitt and went online to try and find a perfect match.

Jenny McCarthy

1x1.trans Stars That Have Used Online Dating Sites!

Jenny McCarthy is wild and crazy but a very attractive former Playboy model. Jenny is still looking for love, McCarthy uses a fake name on the dating site, looking for guys between the ages of 36 and 48.


1x1.trans Stars That Have Used Online Dating Sites!

British singer Adele is now in a happy relationship with Simon Konecki and they welcomed a son together. The talented singer admits joining a dating site after a nasty breakup.

Cheryl Cole

1x1.trans Stars That Have Used Online Dating Sites!

British singer and former “X Factor” host Cheryl Cole admits trying out a few dating websites in the UK, but uses an alias to keep her identity unknown. Who wouldn’t want to date this gorgeous gal?

Charlie Sheen

1x1.trans Stars That Have Used Online Dating Sites!

It’s hard to imagine Charlie Sheen using online dating. We wonder if he included his Tiger Blood in his dating profile?

Carrie Ann Inaba

1x1.trans Stars That Have Used Online Dating Sites!

Carrie Ann Inaba, who appeared on “Dancing with the Stars” as a judge, tried out online dating and was even engaged to a man she met EHarmony. But sadly that didn’t last!


Deborah Ann Woll

1x1.trans Stars That Have Used Online Dating Sites!

“True Blood” actress Deborah Ann Woll, who plays Jessica Hamby on the HBO drama.


Who would be your ideal celebrity date?


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